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Training programs designed to maximize your team's performance


? How to develop your team

We develop and improve the knowledge and information of the work team to perform their jobs effectively
We develop the practical skills necessary to do the job to the fullest
We develop the ability of your employees to perform, which directly affects the results of the facility 

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Why is Quality Training Academy the most effective training partner?

 At Quality Training Academy, we strive to pay great attention to all the details of the learning and development experience of your employees.

Where our programs are built in a professional scientific manner, based on clear training objectives that have been determined according to the needs of your organization,

to ensure that the correct programs are delivered to your team with great diversity, it is enough for you to bother searching for partners for training in all fields.

Advanced experience

You will enjoy a cutting-edge training experience based on more than 13+ years of experience with various sectors

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International accreditations

International accreditations from reputable bodies that provide you with the most effective programs and the latest applications in learning

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Great variety

A wide variety of training programs to cover all the needs of your facility, whether administrative, technical, security and safety, and English language

Proud of our partners

Start developing your teamwork and your entire organization

Knowledge and skills

We train your teams on the latest knowledge and skills required to serve your facility

Leadership Training

We train your organization's senior and middle leaders on the skills needed for planning and leadership

Technical Training

We transfer new knowledge and modern skills in information technology and security to your specialized team

An interactive learning platform that makes learning experience easy and enjoyable

Quality Training Academy works through a comprehensive learning platform (Learning Management System) that provides an organized, smooth and enjoyable learning experience for learners. Each trainee can easily manage all options related to the training program he is enrolled in, and view all updates and training materials:

Easy access to a trainee account from any browser and from anywhere in the world and even from a mobile phone

No need to print or save files, all training materials are automatically saved on the platform and can be referenced at any time

Keep virtual course recordings to watch when the opportunity arises

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Success Partners

Why are our programs the most effective?

Programs developed specifically to meet the needs of your employees based on a thorough analysis of the need

Reconfigure the content of training programs to suit the nature of your business to make training more effective

Holding training events based on interaction, participation and training games according to the latest international systems

How do we design our training programs?

Customize content

 Reconfiguring the content of existing training programs to suit the nature of your facility's activity to make training more effective

Custom Design

 Design customized programs commensurate with the results of the training needs analysis to address gaps and improve performance

International Certificates

 Providing international training programs that qualify your team to obtain the highest international certificates and accreditations in various fields

A fun and impactful learning experience

Let your employees enjoy an enjoyable learning experience based on engagement, and touch on the actual impact on your business

How is the learning journey going?


We analyze the needs of your training facility to identify the most important problems and weaknesses in the team


We design training programs and educational activities adapted to the needs to achieve the training objectives


We develop training content, materials and training games according to the training programs design plan


We carry out the implementation of training programs by specialized trainers and in an appropriate learning environment


 We evaluate the outcomes of the educational process to ensure that problems are solved and that a return on training is achieved



How do we deliver training programs?

Face-to-face training: We deliver face-to-face training courses in the Academy's equipped classrooms, at your facility's premises, or in external classes

Virtual Training: We provide training programs virtually through the Academy's learning platform, which gives a professional virtual learning experience

Blended Training: We offer blended training programs; physical attendance and virtual learning according to a training plan with specific objectives and activities